Laying New Lines for Digital Humanities Scholars

Part two: position descriptions at participating digital humanities centers

1 Leave a comment on paragraph 1 0 Part two includes position descriptions at established and emerging digital humanities centers. Most of the descriptions included here were developed by the workshop participants. This section represents a snapshot in time at each of these centers; in particular, it represents conversations about actual and potential positions in each of these centers as they were developing or emerging in the fall of 2010. The organizational maps of these centers may no longer resemble their current configurations since funding may have fallen through for certain positions or been granted for others. As well, when particular people move on from a position, position titles and duties change. It is useful when reading these recommendations to remember that digital humanities centers are often small and that digital humanists have a range of intellectual interests and skill sets. For these reasons, roles may change as people change roles. In consequence, we do not offer these descriptions as a showcase of how centers are staffed or even as a model for how others should staff their centers. We offer these snapshots to start conversations, to offer a space for the community to discuss models for creating and developing DH centers as institutes for change in the humanities.

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Source: http://mcpress.media-commons.org/offthetracks/part-two-position-descriptions-at-established-and-emerging-digital-humanities-centers/