Guidance for Donors, Dealers, and Archival Repositories

2.2 Recommendations for Donors and Dealers

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  • Avoid manipulating, rearranging, extracting, copying, or otherwise altering data residing in the original source media in anticipation of offering the materials for gift or purchase; or, do so in accordance with established guidelines provided by the repository.
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  • Ask repositories for guidance and/or documentation on:
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    • Determining the most appropriate repository for your digital materials
    • Negotiating the terms of an acquisition agreement or contract as it relates to born-digital materials
    • Describing the context and history of the files and media being transferred
    • Handling digital media
    • Documenting storage, access attempts, copies, and transport of digital media and files
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Source: http://mcpress.media-commons.org/borndigital/initial-collection-review/recommendations-for-donors-and-dealers/