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Multimodal Scholarship

I’m finishing up the revisions on chapter 2 today, and have been thinking about the section “from text to… something more.” I’ve expanded my thinking about multimodal scholarship a bit, including the addition of these paragraphs, just after Moulthrop’s “Writing is still writing, even with funkier friends” quotation: Resistance to allowing scholarly production to take […]

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I’m beginning the process of revising the manuscript today, and have (appropriately, I guess) begun with the beginning. It’s occurred to me that I might post bits and pieces of revisions-in-progress here, as a way of fostering more discussion where appropriate. One of the most-commented paragraphs in the project is the zombie paragraph, which several […]

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Community Blog!

So my last post was driven by the fact that I’d woken up in the middle of the night thinking, gee, where will readers of Planned Obsolescence do the kind of summary, synthetic commenting that attempts to make connections across the book? Not knowing how else to manage it, I figured I’d start an open […]

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Overall Comments

It occurs to me this morning that one of the things that CommentPress doesn’t provide for in its fine-grained commenting structure is a place for wide-ranging discussion of the broader ideas, or the overall progression of those ideas, in the manuscript as a whole. That is to say, while I do still disagree with Ian […]

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