Laying New Lines for Digital Humanities Scholars

Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities, University of Maryland, College Park

1 Leave a comment on paragraph 1 0 Founded 1999
Neil Fraistat, Director

2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 MITH considers itself a research center and an “applied think tank.” As a result, we have staffed our center largely based on practical skills.  Our permanent staff is largely organized around our continuing, project-independent, needs.  For example, until our very recent hire of a software architect, we had no permanent, full-time programmer as the particular language expertise we require may differ from project to project.  We do, however, have a permanent web designer and business manager as these needs remain constant.  Our associate director, Doug Reside, holds a degree in Computer Science as well as a Ph.D. in English and can move fairly easily across projects to design functional requirements, write grants, and lend a hand when extra coding is necessary.  Likewise, our assistant director, Dave Lester has managed several large open source development projects and has a demonstrated ability to organize teams and provide expert software project management. Finally, Associate Director Matthew Kirschenbaum and Director Neil Fraistat’s work and prominence in the traditional academic disciplines help both to establish the validity and relevance of the center’s work to the University administration and to provide a point of interface between center and the larger academic community.

3 Leave a comment on paragraph 3 0 Director (Faculty, English Department): Oversees MITH’s strategic and fiscal planning, personnel, facilities, grants, administrative reports, relations with other units on campus and partners off campus, curricular planning, public relations, and fund raising.
Direct reports:

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  2. Associate Director (Faculty, English Department, half-time): Strategic vision and planning in consultation with other administrators; develops collaborations with partners inside and external to the University; oversees and conducts research in content domains; writes grant applications, pursues curriculum development, manages communications and public relations, supervises and advise some interns and student employees.
    Direct reports:

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    2. Graduate Research Assistant (Part-time)
    3. Graduate Administrative Assistant (Part-time): Electronic Literature Organization Manager
  3. Associate Director (Staff): Writes grant applications, develops collaborations with partners inside and external to the University, advises and oversees Assistant Director’s management of the center’s technical work, oversees and conducts research in both technical and content domains.

    6 Leave a comment on paragraph 6 0 Direct Reports:

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    2. Assistant Director (Staff): Manages day-to-day research, development, and outreach at MITH; supervises and collaborates with non-administrative staff and interns, including technical staff, work-study students, interns, and faculty fellows; leads technical research and development; writes grant applications, and manages technical work and deliverables through the life of a grant.
      Direct reports:

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      2. Bamboo Program Coordinator (Staff, grant-funded)
      3. Bamboo Software Developer (Staff, grant-funded)
      4. Software Architect (Staff)
      5. Graduate Research Assistants (Part-time)
      6. Undergraduate Research Assistants (Part-time)
      7. Web Programmer (Staff): Develops goals and strategies for completing project requirements, provides input on project time-line and goals, researches new programming methods, develops working online interfaces, tests online interfaces for efficiency, security, and functionality, assists with setting up and managing SVN directories, assists with technical support for existing interfaces, provides input on new projects and grant applications
      8. Web Designer (Staff): Creates wireframes and assists in developing information architecture for all MITH projects, creates visual mockups, creates and monitors branding efforts for MITH and all MITH projects, writes front-end code (html, css), provides feedback on user interface decisions, designs print materials such as brochures, business cards, powerpoint templates, etc., provides input on workflow and project management systems, assists in social media and marketing efforts for MITH and all MITH projects (writing, editing), tests for cross-browser functionality and accessibility, assists in management and setup of content management systems such as WordPress and Drupal, provides input on new projects and grant applications (writing, editing).
  4. Business Manager (Staff): Manages pre- and post-award research administration; manages all finance and budget issues related to operating, foundation, and grant accounts, human resources, office facilities and management, and supervises work-study students.
    Direct reports:

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    2. Business Services Specialist (Part-time Staff)
    3. Undergraduate Accounting Assistant (Part-time)
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