Romanticism, Capitalism, and the Internet

Aaron Sorkin and what’s wrong with liberalism

Really, four Golden Globes for the The Social Network? Where to begin? The pathetically adolescent representations of women, and of Harvard’s social scene? The tedious plot that tries to make melodrama out of routine capitalist behavior (Rule #1 for capitalists: claim collective labor as yours alone – a corollary of which is that if there’s more than one of you, it’s pretty much inevitable that you’ll all end up suing the bejeezus out of each other)? The fact that Cringely’s Accidental Empires offers a vastly more accurate, psychologically insightful, and more entertaining picture of life in the heights of digital […]

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Is Neoliberalism Dead?

A friend recently blogged about someone who started a row at a party by arguing that neoliberalism is dead. I’m that someone, and since I start this chapter by claiming that open source romanticism has helped unravel neoliberalism, I should admit right up front that there are many smart people who would respond, “who said neoliberalism is unraveled (or dead)? Seems like its going strong to me!” I started thinking about the issues that would become The Net Effect in the 1990s, and at the time I thought of the idea as a study of the internal politics of neoliberalism. […]

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Romantic techno-discourse in 2011

I could talk about many things here — I hope to get to the chapter’s take on the cyberlaw literature in one of these posts — but I found myself wondering if there are any techno-romantic things going on in the headlines right now. There’s a new tablet coming out — Notion Ink’s Adam: “all about realising dreams” — that’s generated a lovely viral campaign, getting almost as much attention on wordpress as Oprah. And there’s a case to be made that Julian Assange has a distinctly Byronic understanding of himself (and not just because he appears to be a […]

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