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Is Neoliberalism Dead?

A friend recently blogged about someone who started a row at a party by arguing that neoliberalism is dead. I’m that someone, and since I start this chapter by claiming that open source romanticism has helped unravel neoliberalism, I should admit right up front that there are many smart people who would respond, “who said neoliberalism is unraveled (or dead)? Seems like its going strong to me!” I started thinking about the issues that would become The Net Effect in the 1990s, and at the time I thought of the idea as a study of the internal politics of neoliberalism. […]

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Romantic techno-discourse in 2011

I could talk about many things here — I hope to get to the chapter’s take on the cyberlaw literature in one of these posts — but I found myself wondering if there are any techno-romantic things going on in the headlines right now. There’s a new tablet coming out — Notion Ink’s Adam: “all about realising dreams” — that’s generated a lovely viral campaign, getting almost as much attention on wordpress as Oprah. And there’s a case to be made that Julian Assange has a distinctly Byronic understanding of himself (and not just because he appears to be a […]

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