Guidance for Donors, Dealers, and Archival Repositories

4.5 Recommendations for Donors and Dealers

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  • Discuss whether the repository will be the exclusive owner of the digital files you transfer, and whether and how copies of the digital files will be allowed.
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  • If offering digital media to a repository, determine whether all files on the media can be captured and made accessible, or only certain types of files.
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  • Determine whether limited, specific files or information need to be restricted or redacted and when those restrictions will expire.
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  • If a donor has a technical specialist, consider involving her in conversations with repository staff about what guidelines to follow when copying and transferring media and files.
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  • Document how digital media and files have been stored, accessed, and transported prior to their arrival at, or collection by, the repository.
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  • Be prepared for electronic copying and transfer to take a significant amount of time, and for repository staff to develop new capture techniques to accommodate novel acquisition scenarios.
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