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How are Shakespeareans just like everyone else on the Web?

The conversation beginning to percolate here is Shakespeare-centric. Obviously, the focus of this special issue is that which is particular to Shakespeare studies and Shakespeareans, in/around/on/about new media. A group of us have dedicated an SAA workshop, “Shakespeare 2.0,” to the particular needs, desires, proclivities of Shakespeareans in online environments. But it is as useful […]

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Video Fair Use and its consequences for Scholars and Journals

The world of video fair use is changing. Those changes open opportunities for students and scholars and put pressure on traditional journals, such as Shakespeare Quarterly, to reconsider their core formats. Will SQ ever want to compete in the intellectual world of critical essays that make arguments in (as opposed to about) new media formats? […]

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A canon of Shakespeare on screen?

This just in from Luke McKernan: John Wyver, at the Illuminations Media blog, has begun a big picture conversation that is worth weighing in on, hoping to establish a canon of Shakespeare’s works on screen. He invites all to join in. I’ve posted some queries about the underlying assumptions behind this idea in my comments […]

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Reactions, responses, cogitations

I’m getting a host of emails from colleagues in response to this process, ranging from enthusiastic to cautionary to grumpy. I think these warrant larger conversation. Herewith: a place to post your initial experiences as authors, reviewers, readers. I should add that the editors of Shakespeare Quarterly are agnostic as to what we will discover […]

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